Casino Hold’em poker

Casino Hold’em poker

Evaluation by Grisio VIP Club NetEnt
Play game Casino Hold’em poker for real money at Betsafe casino.
Play and win
Type of game online poker – slot machine
Aspect ratio 4:3
Minimum bet 1 €
Maximum bet 100 €
Bonus game AA (Aces or better) bet – max. bet €50 and a winning of 25× the bet

The Casino Hold'em online game by Net Entertainment is a simplified version of the most popular gambling card game in the world – Texas Hold’em poker. The main difference between the standard Texas Hold’em Poker and Casino Hold'em poker is that in the latter you play against the croupier and not against other players. However, you still need to decide whether you can beat the croupier with your cards or not. You have 2 cards in hand and need to use these together with five cards on the table to create the best combination, beat the croupier and win as much as possible. Online Casino Hold'em poker also offers a special secondary bet on "Aces or better", which does not exist in Texas Hold'em poker. If you are lucky, this will allow you to win some extra money or alternatively compensate for your loss if you do not manage to beat the croupier.

How to play Casino Hold'em poker

You begin the game with an Ante bet with an optional secondary AA (Aces or better) bet. You and the croupier then each get two cards and three shared cards (the flop) are placed in the middle of the table. After that, you are offered 2 options on how to proceed. Either you can fold and end your game, or you can choose to call, which allows you to continue by placing another bet which is equal to double the original Ante bet. This is then followed by the Turn and River, during which an additional 2 cards are placed in the middle of the table.

Optional AA (Aces or better) bet

During your first bet, Casino Hold’em poker offers you the option to try your luck and bet 1 to 50 euro on an optional AA bonus. This allows you to potentially win between 7 and 25 times your AA bet already during the Flop. The outcome of the bet depends on the combination of 5 cards already after displaying the first 3 cards on the table (the Flop). If you manage to get a combination of one pair of aces or better, you win. As is usual with such optional games, you should not expect to win each time the cards are dealt.

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