Deposits and withdrawals at a licensed casino

Deposits and withdrawals at a licensed casino

2018-06-19 08:41:57 - Braňo "Ace"

Financial transactions are delicate operations anywhere and during poker at an online casino, they’re even more important than ever. This is why we always recommend that you register only at licensed and verified online casinos, such as those that you’ll find in our list of the top casinos. The license itself is always a good enough guarantee for you to fully dive into the swirl of fun and not have to worry about your money being safe.

Before the registration at the casino, always check just to be sure that the casino accepts payments from other countries that you are just now signing in from. It is also good to look at what payment methods the specific casino allows you to use before registering. A quality casino always offers more methods of handling deposits and withdrawals.

There are multiple methods how to deposit and withdraw money from the player’s account, the most used ones (and the ones we recommend) are as follows:

Debit/Credit card

A very favorite method. With this method, you don’t need anything except your payment card. The vast majority of casinos in the world accepts VISA and MasterCard cards. When using your card, the transactions are usually processed immediately so it is also a very fast method. Casinos may, however, require you to verify your card during the first payment. During a deposit or withdrawal over a credit card, you may be charged a processing fee by the operator or your bank.


A very favorite method of financial transfers which is being used more and more. Among the most known are NETELLER, Paysafecard, Skrill, Moneybookers or PayPal. There are, however, many alternatives. With this method for topping up your account at an online casino, you are using money which you have stored in your online wallet. This is probably the fastest method of financial transactions. But it is also necessary to bear in mind any possible minimal sums or fees.

Bank transfer

The bank transfer is one of the oldest possible methods for deposits and withdrawals. For a certain slowness it is not used by players that much but we cannot say that it is totally forgotten. It will have its place here forever. The biggest disadvantage is the longtime deposits take until the funds are visible on the amount of the player’s account. For a lot of players, however, it is the certainty of this sort of transactions and the low fees. Many players let their winnings be sent to their bank accounts although they use a different method for the deposits.

Bank payment gates

Payment gates today are offered by every good bank and they significantly ease online payment for their clients. Thanks to the payment gate, you already have all of your data prefilled for the online transfer of funds and practically all you need to do is sign in and enter an amount. It is a certain outbuild on internet banking. It can be said that it is the only one online method for free (although the banks may charge a fee for the transactions, it depends on your service package).

SMS Payments

Increasing your player’s account thanks to an SMS message sent from a cell phone is offered by just a few casinos and it’s also dependent on your phone’s operator. This payment method is usually expensive – the operator always charges a fee which is usually quite high.

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