Bonus Poker Deluxe

Bonus Poker Deluxe

Evaluation by Grisio VIP Club Microgaming

Poker is often called the game of kings, but sometimes you might lack anyone to play with. After all, finding a group of people for regular poker sessions is really difficult, and sometimes can be hard even in the online world. Luckily there are other interesting options that can serve as a backup – for instance video poker, which combines a slot machine with the winning combinations of poker.

A first-class video poker with graphics from the previous century

There’s plenty of high-quality video poker games on the market, and Bonus Poker Deluxe – our currently reviewed one – certainly ranks among the first-class ones. Even though many classical poker players don’t like video poker too much, it is often a good idea to stay open-minded. It can really be entertaining, and sometimes requires more tactical thought than classical poker.

But, right from the get go, one needs to note that graphically the game looks like it came out in the early nineties. So it might take a while to get used to the graphics, but over time the developer’s intentions become clear – the basic visuals have exactly the intended effect. And that is maximum focus on the gameplay itself. After all, that's the most important part, both for poker and video poker.

Simple entertainment for everyone

The gameplay itself is actually very simple. First, choose a winning column. That will decide how much you’ll win in case of getting one of the winning combinations. In Bonus Poker Deluxe, the Poker combination (i.e., 4 of a kind) comes at a special advantage. For instance, it is worth more than a straight flush.

One round of the game consists of 2 sets of dealt cards. To start, choose your bet and receive your first set of cards. Your goal is to get a winning combination (which are the same as the classic winning combinations in poker). If you don’t get one right after getting your first cards dealt, then you can keep the cards you want and replace the rest. It’s up to you how many cards you keep.

If you managed to win, you can also multiply your prize. This is done by using the Double button, which moves you to a separate screen displaying 5 cards. The first, leftmost one will be displayed and you’ll see its value. Your task is to choose one of the remaining four cards which has a value that exceeds the value of the first card. If you succeed, your win will be doubled and can then either keep what you won or try to double it once more. On the other hand, if your card has a lower value than the originally shown one, then you lose your winnings.

Try out video poker for free

As you can see, it’s not rocket science and you’ll get a hang of the rules in just a few quick games. And that’s when the real fun starts – you’ll quickly learn that Bonus Poker Deluxe is actually highly addictive and entertaining. In any case, if you’d like to try the game out, the internet allows you to do so for free – this applies to Bonus Poker Deluxe as well as other games. This means that you don’t need to risk losing your money while you’re learning the rules of the game. So, to conclude, if you don’t have anyone to play the classic with, you can try out video poker and see for yourselves that it can also offer unique card playing experiences.

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